Are you ready to live an inspired life?

This is an experiment.

To see how far a somewhat ordinary gal like me can go, just by taking that first scary step, and then the next. To inspire others to do the same.

My experiment
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Is anything really possible?

We’re going to find out. Join me as I chronicle my journey. The struggle, the lessons, the failures, and the successes. This is an experiment to see what happens when you don’t give up, and just keep moving forward. To always strive to live an inspired life, filled with joy. Filled with meaning. A life you feel satisfaction in.

To Create something you really believe in and not what everyone else is doing, or what others expect from you. To be okay with being different in order to be true to your own values and standards.

To discover that your life really does have a purpose. That you were put on this earth for a reason. You are unique. You are worthy. You matter.

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The results are less important than the journey

Regardless of the outcome of this experiment, I know that when I come to the end of my life I will go with no regrets. I will know I made the effort. I will know that I lived my life according to my purpose. I will know that I have set an example I can be proud of. Of a life well lived.